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PRINCE MERCH | Black Owned Urban Clothing New York | Atlanta

Prince Merch is a clothing brand by Prentice Myles dedicated to bring a collaboration between all artists & bring awareness to depression using oxymorons. Prince Merch hopes that the designs will change the narrative of what society thinks about people with depression, to show that there is much more to said individuals & To encourage people to check up on their loved ones. Prince Merch believes that artists are the peace & change the world needs . To this day the arts continue to be underfunded in public schools & one of the most underappreciated professions. Art comes in many forms Acting, Dancing ,Singing, Painting,Writing, Photography, etc. Knowing the goal is to soon bring these artists together for the chance to collaborate & encourage everyone to be more open , Prince Merch's first step into achieving its goal is to work with Artist/Designers in every design of clothing & showcase these artist talents. 

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