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Growing up in Savannah, Georgia Prentice always had an itch to create. It wasn't until moving to Douglasville, Georgia, where  he first started his acting journey at New Manchester High School as part of their Fine Arts Magnet Program. Shortly after graduation Prentice took a leap of faith and moved to New York City where he attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts dedicated to taking his acting to the next level. After graduating from the Academy he went to work on a variety of plays, films & sketch shows in New York City. In March 2020 Prentice Launched a Clothing brand called Prince Merch, where his goal is to bring collaboration between artists & bring awareness to depression in his own unique way.

IHIH T-shirt
IHIH Sweatshirt
IHIH Black Sweatshirt


Prince Merch is a clothing brand by Prentice Myles dedicated to bring a collaboration between all artists & bring awareness to depression using oxymorons. Prince Merch hopes that the designs will change the narrative of what society thinks about people with depression, to show that there is much more to said individuals & to encourage people to check up on their loved ones...


IG | @g0ld.mind

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